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Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Indus River, Khaplu, Pakistan

The Indus River, Khaplu, Pakistan
he Shyok River (literally "the river of death" in Yarkandi Uyghur) flows through northern Ladakh in India and the Northern Areas of Pakistan (Ghangche District), spanning some 550 km (340 mi).  The Shyok River, a tributary of the Indus River, originates from the Rimo Glacier, one of the tongues of Siachen Glacier. The river widens at the confluence with the Nubra River. The alignment of the Shyok river is very unusual, originating from the Rimo glacier, it flows in a southeasterly direction and, joining the Pangong range, it takes a northwestern turn, flowing parallel to its previous path. The Shyok flows in a wide valley, suddenly entering a narrow gorge after Chalunka, continuing through Turtuk and Tyakshi before crossing into Pakistan. The Shyok joins the Indus at Keris, to the east of the town of Skardu
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